Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh, damn it; I think I need a blog.

I am absurdly late to the game, largely because when blogs first showed up, I had a website where I made newsposts by just editing the HTML by hand (NoteTab Light for the win!) and uploading it with a damn FTP client, like a proper harder-core-than-thou Web fogey. But since then my free webhosting dried up, and I haven't had a meaningful Web presence in years (which, by my own admission, is seriously like not being a real person). And now I'm getting into Google Reader, so I'm forced to admit there's a place in my life for blogs. And I'm starting to think that there's stuff I want to say, so I'm forced to admit that maybe there's a place in my life for a blog. God damn it.

I've actually looked at Blogger before--especially since Google bought it, as I really am a shameful Google fanboy--but all those identical goddamned "hay guys i picked a template from a list" Blogger blogs scared me the hell away. It was only a few days ago I found out these freaking things are actually customizable. Well, damn. That changes everything.

In the near future, I hope to customize the living crap out of this thing. Probably gradually. And I'll post on it when I can. It'll probably all be brain diarrhea about roleplaying games and such. I really just want to have something I can point random Internet people to and say "This is who I am." Which is probably stupid, but I'm not certain yet.

To start, my name is Matt Sheridan. I'm a graphic designer and a huge roleplaying / comics / video game geek. I'm married to Charlie Spike Trotman (creator of Templar, Arizona). I grew up in Medford, Massachusetts (although I generally just tell people it was Boston, which is close enough), but I've lived Chicago since 2001. More honestly, I live on the goddamned Internet. I have a very funny-looking dog named Harvey. I think life is awesome and pretty much always getting better.


Spike said...

Your wife is ugly.

Teppik said...

Welcome to bloggerland, mind the gap.

Matt Sheridan said...

spike - HELLO DEAR

teppik - Thanks!