Thursday, August 7, 2008

In a Wicked Age character sheets, etc.

So I finally bought a copy of Vincent Baker's extremely fascinating In a Wicked Age. It looks fun as all hell (yeah, I retract my previous statement about not digging the mechanics now that I've read them in Vincent's own words), and I really hope to get a chance to play it soon. However, I was surprised to see the game does not include any character sheets.

Now, John Harper has already designed some beautiful ones, but I really enjoy doing this stuff myself. Also, this let me make additional IaWA paraphernalia in the same style. And, I know it's kind of a cheesy move, but I thought the name "In a Wicked Age" just fit with the font Endor.

So, check 'em out.

In a Wicked Age major character sheet In a Wicked Age minor character sheet In a Wicked Age particular strength sheet In a Wicked Age story sheet In a Wicked Age owe list sheet


Willow said...

The links don't work.

Matt Sheridan said...

Thanks, Willow! My poor, neglected blog probably has lots of holes like this in it, these days, but this was certainly one worth fixing.