Friday, October 3, 2008

Random color selector

Over the past couple days, I made a thing over at the completely awesome wiki-based random generator site, Abulafia. It's full of all kinds of RPG-oriented random generation goodness, and one of its coolest features is the fact that a user can build generators that use other generators. So I figured it might be useful to somebody if I created a generator which just picked random colors, and displayed both the color name and a sample of the color itself.

Here, check it out. The example implementation you'll see at that page is really simple: It just pulls three colors from the list of 500 or so that I gave it (taken from Wikipedia, naturally). In theory, though, this bit could be used as part of a larger generator. Like, say, to describe the flag of randomly-generated nation, or the pigmentation of a randomly-generated alien.

It's the first thing I've ever made for Abulafia, so I can only hope that I didn't do something drastically wrong.


B. Zedan said...

Ohh, the idea of make-your-own-generators is awesome. I'm already in love with the "Middle-Eastern names" generator.

Actually, all the name generators are kind of fab. It beats the shit out of trolling through baby name sites and trying to find non-European names.

Matt Sheridan said...

Oh, man, then you have got to get a load of Kate Monk's Onomastikon. Names from all over the damn world, including a bunch of ancient stuff.

Also extremely handy is this random word generator. I like to grab big lists of names from the Onomastikon and chuck them into this thing, producing big piles of made-up words with a consistent sound.

B. Zedan said...

Kick. Ass. Nothing is worse than worrying you're waaaay to clearly influenced by 80's era sf and their heavy use of z and v and random vowel-dropping in creating words.

Actually, slang is worse. Slang is hard, especially when it's not completely alien.

I am now in generator heaven.