Sunday, May 25, 2008

[comics] Avengers: The Initiative: Oh, snap!

Avengers: The Initiative #13, 2008Okay, as long as I'm talking about comics, I might as well say some nice stuff. In Avengers: The Initiative #13 (written by Christos N. Gage, drawn by Steve Uy), lame flash-in-the-pan character Prodigy lays this awesome dis on lame perennial character Henry Pym. I just love it when characters (and writers) in comics actually remember shit like this: Hank smacking the crap out of his wife in The Avengers #213 (writer: Jim Shooter, penciller: Bob Hall). (Damn, can you believe this dude is back is to wearing his costume from 1981? Wow. Whose idea was that?)

There's a contingent of nerds out there who are quick to point out the fact that the infamous panel was an isolated incident that was intended to be seen as wildly at odds with Pym's established personality, and turned out to be the result of some kind of manipulation by some forgettable (and, indeed, forgotten) character called Egghead (not making this up, serious), and I guess they've got a point. But I don't think the dude was actually being mind controlled or anything, so I figure he still deserves to get abused for the incident. Also, it achieved LOL, and that's all the justification need.

So, yeah, I'm kinda digging The Initiative. I even really like their quasi-costume of a pair of camo pants and a shirt with an individual logo on it . . . but it really gets pretty lame when they start with an existing costume and just add the pants to that.

Avengers: The Initiative #13, 2008

Prodigy, you fuckin tool. (To be fair, his costume is the source of his powers, but in that case, they really oughta waive the pants and boots.)


Chris Lowrance said...

Heheh... MightyGodKing gets a few good digs in on Pym in his parody of Civil War.

You know what I've started reading and am surprised to find I really like? Brian K. Vaughn's Runaways. It's gone a little down-hill since Joss Whedon took over, though.

Matt Sheridan said...

Aw, man, I really used to love the hell out of Runaways. And I didn't even stop reading it for any particular reason; I just sorta lost track. I really oughta get back into it.

Chris Lowrance said...

Terry Moore from Strangers in Paradise is about to take over the writing. That pleases me.