Friday, May 16, 2008

LWaSH character: Robin Stormchaser

Robin StormchaserRobin Stormchaser
Daring Pilot of the "Blaze of Glory"
(played by Sarah)

• Tomboy Next Door
• Where the Action Is
• Thunderbird
• Smokin' Like a Chimney
• Storm Chaser
• Last of the Barnstormers
• "Anything Art Can Do, I Can Do Better!"
• Rashness of Youth
• Freedom from Religion
• Dread of the Depths

+5: Pilot
+4: Athletics, Engineering
+3: Fists, Mysteries, Science
+2: Alertness, Endurance, Rapport, Resolve
+1: Art, Contacting, Deceit, Resources, Survival

• Acrobat
• Barnstormer
• Fly by Night
• Personal Aircraft: The Blaze of Glory
• Walk Away from It

Robin is an extremely fun character. She's a farm girl who found herself piloting planes as part of relief operations during the dust bowl, and had a high-altitude encounter with an Indian thunderbird spirit. Despite the fact that she's very specifically built around the whole pilot concept, she's been able to take a lot of the roleplay spotlight and participate quite nicely in combat.

Her "Anything Art Can Do, I Can Do Better!" aspect is one of the coolest ones in the whole campaign. It refers to the party's thief type, Arthur Chamberlain, and is driven by Robin's unconscious (but entirely obvious) crush on the dashing young man. Theoretically, she could invoke it to actually do anything she sees him doing, but mostly it's been used to compel her to tag along with him. And, since he's a stealthy guy and she has no skill in that area, this could really get both of them into trouble. Also, her "Rashness of Youth" aspect is awesome for making the whole party get up and get going. Robin is utterly fearless and pretty impatient, and every male character in the party (this is 1937!) is driven to protect her, so she can really drag them along behind her.

She's proven she can take care of herself quite nicely, though. She just recently used that "Thunderbird" aspect--representing a mysterious connection to a Native American lightning spirit--to absorb electricity shed by a Nazi sorcerer's spells and use it to charge up her punches, which was exactly the kind of thing I'd hoped she'd end up doing with it.

Also, I really dig her shtick of trying out exotic tobaccos and any other theoretically-smokable substance she can fit into a hand-rolled cigarette.

I think the character's crowning brilliance, though, is her plane: The "Blaze of Glory" is defined as whatever plane she's currently flying, as long as the title's previous holder has been destroyed. This is going to fucking rock.

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