Sunday, May 18, 2008

LWaSH character: Herr Wolf

Yeah, I saved the most insane character concept for last.

Herr WolfHerr Wolf
The Man Who Used to Be Hitler
(played by Jim)

• Stoically Take the Pain
• Misunderstood Artist
• Pride of the Master Race
• Inducted Illuminatus
• Unausprechlichen Namen
• Humility of the Fall
• Secret Historian
• I Am the True Hitler!
• "Guys, We Need to Focus!"
• Hitler Must Be Stopped!

+5: Resolve
+4: Mysteries, Rapport
+3: Academics, Art, Intimidation
+2: Athletics, Awareness, Empathy, Guns
+1: Contacting, Endurance, Investigation, Stealth, Weapons

• Psychic
• Right Place, Right Time
• Smooth Recovery
• Unflappable
• Voices from Beyond

This version of Adolf Hitler--war veteran, failed artist, nationalist, Illuminatus, and occultist--performed a ritual to summon an angel that he hoped would grant the German people power and glory. And he succeeded. What he didn't expect, however, was that he'd call a fallen angel, or that it would fulfill its bargain by stealing his name and leading Germany to power in his place. So, yep, this character is the real Hitler, and the one running Nazi Germany is a demon.

Now reduced to a state of metaphysical namelessness, he cannot convince anyone of his old identity, regardless of the evidence he might offer. Instead, he must fall back on an old nickname, "Herr Wolf". It's still not a true, metaphysically-meaningful name, however, so people find it difficult to even really think about him. This is represented by the "Unausprechlichen Namen" aspect (German for "unspeakable name"). It can be useful when he wants to avoid being tracked down, but makes it essentially impossible for him to rise in the ranks of any organization again.

Naturally, his "Pride of the Master Race" aspect has already been a lot of fun. Since this is a pulp campaign set in 1937, I'm inevitably going to be setting up a lot of Nazis as antagonists . . . forcing Herr Wolf into situations of divided loyalties. He's already used such a situation to talk a Nazi agent into defecting when he found himself unable to simply shoot the man, and that was awesome. Especially when Abraham Hale (who hates Nazis and doesn't trust people who speak foreign languages around him) took disagreed violently with this decision, and decided to shoot the Nazi agent, who had just surrendered. Better yet, the Nazi survived, but lost an eye to Abe's hail of gunfire.

Herr Wolf has also been making great use of his Mysteries skill and Spirit of the Century's declaration mechanics. For those unfamiliar with the game, it actually lets you use a PC's knowledge in an area to decide what the facts are in a related situation, rather than simply rolling to see if the GM has to tell you about something they've already decided. It was just such a move which, in our third session, determined the powers of Abraham Hale's monkey idol.

Oh, and did you notice the slightly-Photoshopped mustache in Herr Wolf's portrait, there? I figured that, as Hitler's slightly-less-evil twin, he is absolutely required to have different facial hair from him.

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