Saturday, May 17, 2008

LWaSH character: Myrna

Famous Reporter and Socialite
(played by Brigid)

• Debutante
• Educated at Wellesley
• Gay Divorcèe
• Intrepid Girl Reporter
• One True Love
• Another Tight Squeeze
• Not in the Face
• How Do I Make This Go?
• Damsel in Distress
• Fat Alimony Check

+5: Rapport
+4: Contacting, Investigation
+3: Alertness, Empathy, Resources
+2: Burglary, Deceit, Gambling, Resolve
+1: Art, Academics, Leadership, Sleight of Hand, Stealth

• Best Foot Forward
• International
• Linguist
• Popular Gal
• Quick Eye

Myrna doesn't have a last name, as far as I'm aware. The player was having trouble coming up with one that she liked, and I think we just decided that, after her divorce, she discarded her husband's name but didn't go back to her maiden name. Also, she's a famous society pages reporter, so she might be known by just her first name. She's somewhat based on Brenda Starr, down to her melodramatic love life. It's a different kind of pulp from what Spirit of the Century is usually about, but it is most definitely pulp.

Myrna is a totally non-fighty character--no combat skills whatsoever--so I'm actually really looking forward to throwing the characters fights while she's around, and seeing if she participates at all. SotC is a system that absolutely would make it possible for her to contribute, but then again, she's also got that "Not in the Face" aspect which should make her do her bes to stay out of the fray. I bet she could use her Alertness and Empathy to discover aspects about her enemies and share them with the more direct participants, though.

Of course, she's an absolute ninja in social situations. She already rolled so well while attempting to charm a police officer that I decided that he's now thoroughly smitten with her. I've yet to get her into a real social conflict, though. I've really got to try that out soon.

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