Thursday, April 10, 2008

The album cover meme

People seem to be doing this all over LiveJournal, but I couldn't really tell you where it started. I first heard about it from John Harper.

The deal (if you haven't already heard) is that you use random, Internet-provided elements to create a fake album cover. Specifically:

  1. The name of a random Wikipedia article is the name of the band.

  2. The last four words of the last quote on a page of random quotes is the name of the album.

  3. The third image on Flickr's "interesting photos from the last 7 days" page is the cover photo.

Now Photoshop the fuck out of that mess until it's believable.

Here's what I ended up with:

There is no way in hell that I wouldn't hate this band's music. This is fun meme, though, and I just might do it again.

Much thanks to denkedran for this photo. I think I got lucky, there.


Brigid Keely said...

Hey, I did one. Head on over to my blag to check it out.

Matt Sheridan said...

Rock! I like this meme. I think I'm gonna do another one.

Anonymous said...

looks very nice ... great work
greetings denkedran :-)

Matt Sheridan said...

Thanks! I had a great photo to work with! (Such a terrible band name, though...)

Laura said...

I got "List of current National Football League stadiums" on wikipedia. i don't have time for this stuff right now, but it could prove addictive once my semester is over!gotta practice my CS3 skills, right?

Matt Sheridan said...

Laura? Laura Roberts? Tell me you've got a blog somewhere around here!

Also, tell me you're not some total stranger who now thinks I'm insane.