Thursday, April 10, 2008

[dream blog] The asylum

I was a patient in some kind of mental facility. But I never saw any other patients, and the people running the place seemed to be new to the security system. In order to invite me into the central control area to talk, they had to remotely open various gates while talking to me over the intercom, asking me each time if I saw any doors open.

Eventually, they determined that I was in "group F", which was the lowest security group. It wasn't really a patient risk designation, just the set of rooms which had easiest access to the control center. So I wouldn't get downgraded to group E if I, say, threatened suicide or refused take my meds.

In fact, they told me, group E was reserved for siblings. I marveled at the fact that there were enough mutually-damaged siblings around to fill a whole section of the facility. They told me that there were, but that was only two siblings.

Anyway, I walked into the control center to talk to the people in charge. They seemed like techies rather than doctors. And it turned out they wanted to ask me how one would go about "stealing" somebody else's LiveJournal post. I didn't think they meant copying, pasting, and claiming it as one's own.

Never found out precisely what they did mean, though.

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