Sunday, April 13, 2008

YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS: Saul Williams - Ohm

I've been seriously busy this weekend working on both a new design for this blog, and also a custom character sheet for the Spirit of the Century campaign I'm gonna be running. Oh, and I probably ought to do my freaking taxes, too, huh?

Anyway, here's some music you need to hear.

Saul WilliamsSaul Williams is a poetry / spoken word guy whose work achieves sublime, transcendent awesomeness when it's set to a hip-hop beat. I think he might have gotten some wider notice, kinda recently--I noticed that "Black Stacey", off his self-titled album, actually got a pretty serious video--but I first learned about him through his contribution to the first Lyricist Lounge compilation. And that's the song I want to share with you folks today: Saul Williams' "Ohm".


Chase said...

I saw him preform with a bunch of other bands at a show in Portland a few years back, and he got up on stage and did poetry readings between bands. It really made the night. There was like no down time and at the end of the night he seemed to somehow still have a voice enough to cameo with Karl Denson's Tiny Universe (if I remember correctly).

Matt Sheridan said...

Yeah, it's amazing what serious vocal training can do for the stamina of a person's voice. At least I assume it's training. All I know is that Charlie and I go to every Clutch show that passes through Chicago, and shout along with every song and inevitably destroy our voices halfway into the band's set, while Neil Fallon keeps singing as loud and clear as when he started.

Anyway, yeah, I would love to see Saul Williams live.