Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hey, folks.

Yeah, and this would be why I've been so slow on posting, lately: I've finally put together a custom template for this site. I can't stand just choosing a pre-created one from a list, and also, this one will let me post wider images without breaking the tables.

Wet Rails, cropped

I promise to restrain myself, though. 14% of Web users are still suffering through an 800x600 resolution, right?

Anyway, let me know if this new template starts breaking horribly for anybody. I'm trying out a couple slightly weird things, here, and I'm not too certain how they'll work for all browsers. (Although I did jump through hoops to make sure IE 5.5 would actually handle that dropshadow effect on the logo. Goddamned IE 5.5.)

I'm breaking a bunch of Web development rules by using tables for the layout instead of CSS-based positioning. I gave it a very serious try, but my CSS interacted with Blogger's CSS in some weird, bad ways. And, let's be honest: CSS layouts require a lot of dirty hacks and contortion acts in order to achieve results that would be incredibly simple and reliable for tables. I know CSS layouts are the right way to do things, though. So, maybe next time. For now, I just want something that works.

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