Sunday, April 6, 2008

The big campaign idea list

My main RPG outlet these days is my Tuesday night game. Currently, we're doing a World of Darkness thing (old WoD, that is) where we playing mages who end up fighting vampires and stuff. We call this campaign Slouching Towards Bethlehem, and Brigid is game master on that one (or "Storyteller", if you must). This is an awesome game, especially the latest story arc. But it's drawing to a close, and it's gonna be my turn to run a game next.

So what am I gonna run? The trouble is, I've got too many ideas.

Thinking about roleplaying games is seriously the main thing I use my brain for. There are few things I like more than coming up with (and sometimes even developing) vaguely sketched-out campaign settings and plots and gimmicks. I seriously cannot just use somebody else's campaign setting. And I've got a whole slew of game systems I want to try using with settings for which they were never intended.

So, while playing this arc of Slouching Towards Bethlehem, I've been amassing the big campaign idea list. It is, as of this writing, a collection of twenty-nine campaign, storyline, and setting ideas that I would freaking love to run for my Tuesday Night crew. We've been discussing it, and it looks like people's interest is leaning towards these:
  • In the Belly of the Beast — kind of a Blame! riff

  • Lost Worlds and Secret Histories — 1930s pulp action with some paranormal stuff thrown in (Spirit of the Century for the win!)

  • Motley — a weird bit about a fictional quasi-Victorian country recovering from a devastating war fought with Frankenstein-style monsters and alchemical science (the players, of course, would get to be patchwork soldiers and military alchemists)

  • Night Tribes — about families who are hiding their semi-inhuman nature from the world

  • Professor Bennick's Class — a fantasy thing where the whole party would play student wizards on a field trip gone wrong

God, I can't wait. I don't care which one we go with. I just wanna settle on one so I can start planning.

Anyway, anybody who strolls by here, please feel free to check out the list and leave comments here. I've love to hear what people think.


Whirly / R00kie said...

I love your Campaign logos. I can see a lot of works gone into them.

Also some of those campaignideas are insipred. I particularly like "In the Belly of the Beast" and "Professor Bennick's Class".

Matt Sheridan said...

Thanks, man. I forgot to mention that the other thing I love heedlessly pouring effort into is graphic design.

Man, I've really got to make a new template for this blog...