Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tuesday Night campaign chosen!

Lost Worlds and Secret Histories

Ohhh, awesomeness. Last night, my weekly gaming crew came to the end of our latest World of Darkness arc, and decided what they want to play now that my turn in the GM's chair is coming up again. They voted, there was a tie between Lost Worlds and Secret Histories (a Spirit of the Century campaign) and Professor Bennick's Class (which I'd run with either Dungeons & Dragons or True20). A coin was flipped, and LWaSH won!

Barring catastrophe, we'll be doing the famed SotC character generation next Tuesday, and--since I'm not using the Century Club of the game's default setting--figuring out what kind of group the characters will all be part of, or else how they'll know each other and why they would work together (because I ain't doing a "you all meet by chance" kind of deal). I'm not even going to come up with a plot until I know what kinds of people the PCs are (although, naturally, I've got a pile of ideas already).


Whirly / R00kie said...

Nice choice.

As you know I think SotC is a great system. I would recommend using atleast the "Change how consequences work" section from "Faster Conflicts" on the Evil Hat wiki ( since it makes consequences more likely, which in turn makes fights feel more dangerous. And since its written by Fred Hicks the are atleast smi-official rules.

So long as you don't combine it with either of the other two methods it wont make the combats unduely dangerous though.

Hope you have lots of fun with the campaign.

Matt Sheridan said...

Yeah, I expect I'll probably do that. From all I've heard, it's about the most commonly-used SotC house rule (if you'd even call it that) there is. Also, I might allow multiple free tags of discovered or placed aspects to be used on the same roll, as I believe both Hicks and Donoghue called the one-free-tag-per-roll rule a mistake (this was on the Independent Insurgency podcast).

Whirly / R00kie said...

Yeah. Being able to take advantage of multiple free tags can be awesome. It really lets people work as a team.

Its interesting watching players try to figure out combinations of tags they can use together:

Michael J. Patrick said...

I haven't been commenting, but I have read all of your rpg ideas and they all look like fun. Too bad you can't just have several campaigns going at once...

Matt Sheridan said...

Aw, thanks, man. I really do wish I could run all of those campaigns, but there's no way I could handle more than one at a time. Still, I'd love a second weekly game. Like, on weekends. I couldn't run another game, but I could damn well play one.

...Except that Charlie would divorce me. She hates that I'm away for even one night a week.